Prime Clinic

The Prime Clinic is a different kind of men’s health clinic. We specialize exclusively in male sexual performance and satisfaction. Everyone talks about erectile dysfunction, but we prefer to focus on maximizing erectile function! A full range of therapies and treatments have been carefully selected to offer our patients the latest options in the field, selected and customized specifically for you.

Hello, I’m  Dr. David Cross.  I am a board-certified physician who graduated from Wayne State University School of Medicine and completed my residency at Tufts and Harvard Universities in Boston, Massachusetts. 

After a 25-year career as an anesthesiologist, I was ready to pursue a new area of medical practice. As I entered middle-age myself, I became aware of the exciting developments in men’s health and sexual performance so many guys are looking for now.  I realized that this was an opportunity to pursue something I am passionate about as well as to offer the kind of personal, individualized care that is so often lacking in larger medical practices.

I founded The Prime Clinic in August 2019 and have been gratified and delighted to be serving men who want to feel good and enjoy a vigorous sex life at any age.

Prime Clinic Provides Expert Care In An Environment Of Acceptance And Compassion To Enable Men To Feel Vigorous And Confident As They Enjoy An Active And Satisfying Sex Life At Any Age.

Initial consultation and all services are provided by a board-certified, male physician. All of our services are therapies we personally use. We never recommend anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.


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*Please note that most of our services are not covered by health insurance and we do not file insurance claims for our patients. We are happy to provide the proper diagnostic codes if you wish to file a claim. Payment is expected at the time of service.