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What is an Erectologist?

Those of you who have been to see me in the clinic know that I like to have some fun with what I do.  I think it helps make what […]

How To Inject Trimix For ED

Injections of Trimix are generally self-administered, offering you the benefits of one of the most powerful anti-ED solutions from the comfort of your home. While it is extremely convenient to […]

What Price Erectile Function?

Nearly all men consider maintaining their sexual vigor and erectile function throughout their entire lives to be vitally important. Despite this fact, health insurance providers are generally unwilling to pay […]

What is Penile Injection Therapy (aka Trimix)?

Penile injection therapy goes by several names. Another is intracavernosal pharmacotherapy (ICP) but it is most commonly referred to as Trimix. As “penile injection therapy” suggests, using Trimix involves injecting […]

5 Erectile Dysfunction Myths

Unfortunately, the topic of erectile dysfunction is not widely discussed among men, which leads to some common misconceptions. As a medical professional, it is my responsibility to share resources and […]