We offer Shockwave Therapy at The Prime Clinic as an effective treatment for moderate erectile dysfunction. However, it’s very important to be aware of what type of shockwaves you are receiving and to understand that not all therapies are the same! There are currently two types of shockwave machines being used to treat erectile dysfunction, focused shockwave (Class 2 medical device) and radial shockwave (Class 1 medical device). Read on to learn the difference between Focused and Radial shockwave therapy.

Here is a quote from Tobias Kohler, MD, MPH, professor of urology at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN that outlines the differences:

“There are two types of shock wave machines. There’s the “SwissWave,” which is a class 1 medical device that’s offered throughout the country by chiropractors and the like with claims that it improves erectile dysfunction. Because it’s a class 1 medical device, they can offer this to patients and administer it without a worry from the FDA. 

The question is, why is it a class 1 medical device? Because it doesn’t do anything. It delivers a shock which is very shallow and of insufficient energy to do anything to tissue in the penis. There is zero point zero medical literature supporting the use of this type of shock wave therapy for problems with erection. The “GAINSWave” therapy also is a class 1 medical device, yet men are flocking to clinics that offer the therapy, spending thousands of dollars without real evidence that it works. 

The class 2 shockwave therapy devices are FDA regulated. That’s the difference. Those are the real machines that actually deliver shocks.”

Focused shockwave machines can only be purchased and operated by medical doctors, whereas radial shockwave machines are cheaper and can be purchased and operated by anyone. Most clinics offering “shockwave” therapy are using radial machines and charging the same price as focused therapy. Furthermore, treatment with radial shockwave therapy is painful without the use of anesthesia while focused shockwave therapy is painless.

My own experience with focused shockwave therapy and that of my patients is that it is quick, painless, and effective. For anyone interested in more detail about the difference between the types of shockwave, here is an excellent video:


Of course, The Prime Clinic only offers the real deal. To learn all about focused shockwave therapy, how it works, what treatment is like and costs associated — read What is Shockwave Therapy and Why Do I Need It? If you’re ready to maximize erectile function and discuss treatment options, schedule your free consultation here.