As you might guess from the name, Trimix is a combination of three drugs mixed together. There is also a Bimix and Quadmix with two and four drugs in them respectively, but Trimix is most commonly prescribed. Men use it to get an erection by injecting it into the penis. If I haven’t already lost you with that sentence, read on! Trimix Injection Therapy has a number of advantages over other treatment options, and the injections are painless and easy to administer.  

First, a little history about how this idea was presented to the world. The method of using an injected drug to produce an erection was developed by one of my heroes, Giles Brindley, a British physiologist. From Wikipedia: “Brindley is perhaps best known for an unusual scientific presentation at the 1983 Las Vegas meeting of the American Urological Association, where he removed his pants to show the audience his chemically-induced erection and invited them to inspect it closely.” You’ve got to give him credit.  Not only did Dr. Brindley have a genius idea, the man has got balls!

Why haven’t I heard about Trimix before?

Trimix has been around since the 1980’s but there is actually no brand or generic drug named “Trimix.”  Trimix as we now know it is three drugs mixed together and available by prescription through compounding pharmacies. This is likely the main reason why so many men haven’t heard of it before. Big pharmaceutical companies aren’t selling it or marketing it with extensive advertising campaigns. Another reason why it isn’t well known is that many doctors themselves aren’t aware of it or tend to reserve Trimix as a “last resort” when other treatments fail.  Finally, the thought of putting a needle in their penis is understandably frightening to most men and many never give it another thought. I’m here to tell you that it’s worth considering under the right circumstances.

What are the side effects and risks of using Trimix?

The major concern when using Trimix is the risk of a prolonged erection. The medical term for this condition is “priapism” and although the idea may sound amusing, the reality is no joke!  An erection results when blood is trapped inside the corpus cavernosa (erectile bodies) within the penis. After a prolonged period of having this blood trapped, the oxygen carried by blood that is necessary for tissue to remain healthy gets used up. This can result in the death of the erectile tissue cells and cause scarring and permanent erectile dysfunction. Priapism is considered a medical emergency and requires immediate attention. 

When injecting Trimix, it is important to follow a strict sterile technique in order to avoid infection. Scarring of the penile tissue from the injections is reported in up to 6% of men and can lead to curvature of the penis when erect. Bruising or bleeding at the injection site and mild soreness of the penis after using Trimix are more commonly seen but of less concern.  Of course, at the Prime Clinic, I work with my patients to find a safe and effective individualized dose and verbally explain and provide written instructions for proper injection technique as well as what to do if priapism occurs.

What is the injection like?

The first several Trimix injections should be done in my office so that I can demonstrate the proper way to do it yourself as well as to safely determine an effective dose. Men vary widely in their response to Trimix. A small volume of Trimix solution is drawn up and injected using a syringe and a tiny needle. Proper sterile technique using an alcohol wipe on the skin is very important. The injection can be done by hand or by using an autoinjector with the syringe loaded inside for those who are more squeamish about needles. My personal preference is the autoinjector, but some men prefer the hand-administered method. There are actually more nerve endings on your forearm than there are on the skin of the penis, so the injection is quick and virtually painless. Light pressure is applied to the injection site for 60 seconds afterward and then the penis should be massaged briefly to help the medication spread inside the corpora cavernosa. When an appropriate dose is injected, a full erection is induced within 20 minutes. My personal experience with the use of Trimix is that it takes a little time and practice to determine the correct dose and to develop skill at performing the injection. This time and effort is richly rewarded however with erections that are much more reliable and durable than those achieved using other methods.

Is Trimix just for men with severe ED?

Trimix is not just for men with severe ED. I believe it’s for any man who wants to be confident in his ability to perform when other methods aren’t reliable. Trouble getting and maintaining an erection can happen to a man at any age, whether the cause is physical or psychological.  Prudent use of Trimix, with the appropriate dosage and proper sterile technique, can be a great way to continue to enjoy an active sex life.

What does Trimix cost?

The cost of using Trimix varies depending on the dose you need to achieve the desired result and how often you use it. At the Prime Clinic, Trimix is supplied in a kit containing 500 units of the medication and all the supplies needed for one flat price. The average dose of Trimix is 10 units, amounting to 50 doses for the average user — more if less is used and fewer if you use a larger dose. The estimated cost per dose ranges from $5-10.  Autoinjectors are available to purchase online or through the clinic.

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